Category: Consumer Electronics

  • Home Theatre Receiver Subwoofer Offset

    When testing receiver audio latency, I noticed that some receivers were able to extract low frequencies of an analog stereo source to send to a subwoofer with zero delay to the left and right speakers. This took me by surprise, because I expected the low frequencies for the subwoofer to be digitally extracted from the […]

  • More Quirks of the PreSonus Studio 26c

    A little over a year ago, I posted about some unexpected behaviour with the different output channels of the PreSonus Studio 26c. During my work of testing different audio DACs and receivers for audio latency, I noticed that the internal clock on this USB audio interface to be notably off compared to other audio devices […]

  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview Usability Review

    While trying out the Windows 8 Consumer Preview I noticed a number of usability problems and interface designs that could be done better. This review outlines problems and solutions/recommendations relating to the sidebars, start screen, and power actions in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. But first, a little about me… About Me I’m an interface designer […]