Category: XNA

  • Changing the Windows Mouse Cursor in XNA

    Background For anyone who is looking to develop a mouse-based game for Windows using the XNA framework, it’s pretty critical to be able to change your mouse cursor in game. The first method is to hide the mouse cursor and draw a custom texture in place of it – but anyone who is developing a […]

  • 720p Title Safe GUI Template

    I am currently in the process of porting Hideout! to the Xbox 360 with XNA. As a part of this process, I needed to create a Photoshop GUI template for my GUI artist to ensure that our game would work well on all TVs. I thought this template may be useful to other developers as […]

  • Simple, fast, GPU-driven multi-textured terrain

    In this article, I will be outlining the method of multi-textured terrain that I used in my recently completed XNA Real Time Strategy (RTS) project, Toy Factory. I have also expanded this tutorial to cover organic (blended) and deformed terrain. This method enables you to produce a similar result to Riemer’s XNA Tutorial on Multitexturing, […]