Category: Vector Display

  • Quirks and Limitations of the PreSonus Studio 26c

    Today I got a new oscilloscope! This new scope has a DC-coupled z-input that modulates the electron beam intensity and can be used for blanking (turning off the electron beam while it moves between shapes that it’s drawing). When I hooked it up, I started to notice some strange quirks and limitations to my PreSonus […]

  • Overshooting, Oscillations, and Blanking on a Vector Display

    Before I started work on creating a vector game engine to be used on displays like oscilloscopes, I had watched a really fantastic explanation of how to create graphics for laser displays by Seb Lee-Delisle: In this video, Seb talked about the challenges of working with a laser that takes time to accelerate and decelerate […]

  • Making a Vector Game Engine with an Oscilloscope

    A couple of weeks ago I started work on a new video game engine for vector displays. For a long time I have been enamoured by the uniquely high contrast of vector displays. A local bar named House of Targ hosted an original Asteroids arcade cabinet that only could be appreciated in-person: the super bright […]