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Post-Grad Talk at Carleton University

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Last week I was given an opportunity to join my manager at Magmic in a panel for a fourth year class in IMD to discuss my experience after graduating and joining the game development industry. This was the same class that I developed Hideout! for and I was happy to pass on some knowledge that I’ve gained from my experience.

During this time, I highlighted a few important things that new grads should keep in mind when searching for a job (specifically in the multimedia industry) and entering the creative workforce. I also touched on the importance of knowing existing design patterns and conventions of the trade to succeed in your new position. The slides are very lean as I needed to keep my talk short, but you can download them here:

Download Slides (PPTX)

IGDA Ottawa: Indies in the Classroom Talk

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

At a recent Independent Game Developers Association meeting I was asked to talk about my experiences taking Hideout!, a project originally developed as schoolwork, to the Xbox 360 for public sale. The slides and a video of the presentation are below. As always, please pass on any feedback; it’s always much appreciated!

The presentation began with a brief introduction of myself and Hideout! including Hideout’s promotional video.

This meetup was focused on students going above and beyond class requirements and taking their games to the next level. The audience was comprised mainly of students in game development programs or recent graduates. The topics covered include the following:

  • Porting from Windows to Xbox 360 with XNA
  • Xbox Live “Indie Games”
  • Other general game design topics for Hideout!

Download Slides (PPTX)